500+ students building around the theme of HealthTech

ArchHacks is a hackathon hosted at Washington University in St. Louis Nov. 4-6 for 500+ students of all backgrounds with a passion for technology, design, and, most importantly, building things. ArchHacks brings together  We will provide a unique opportunity for students to work with resources and companies they cannot find anywhere else, and our theme, HealthTech, means that the products our participants create will make a real difference. You will have the opportunity to make invaluable connections with corporations, collaborate with friends and, most importantly, develop something that will contribute to the HealthTech community.

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Must be over 18 by Nov 4, 2016

Must be an enrolled student. Contact us at info@archhacks.io for any questions. 

Teams can be up to 4 students. 


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Prizes will be judged by a team from the sponsoring company

Judging Criteria

  • We will post judging criteria closer to the event